All the companies included in the group Malacat have all the necessary approvals for the purchase, transportation and subsequent processing of ceramics contained in automotive catalysts.

At the production site using equipment that meets the latest technology. All equipment that is involved in the production, designed and manufactured in such a way as to prevent the release of harmful substances into the air. On the equipment of leading world manufacturers, our experts carry out separation and homogenization of the material. Accredited laboratory conducts sampling of material containing precious metals.

All production processes are built in such a way as to ensure maximum value determination in the preparation of material for subsequent recovery of precious metals.

Always guarantee only the highest quality of production

  • All stages of production are controlled by technology and engineering group Malacat. Process equipment is a constant check, improvement, namely to ensure a reliable cooperation with our customers, partners,
  • Our equipment meets all the requirements and international environmental standards on emissions into the environment of hazardous substances.