Malacat Group companies only in the Western European market is professional buying zaymaemaetsya constant since 2006 spent catalysts and filters of all car models.
Malacat Group is engaged in purchase and subsequent disposal:

Our subsidiaries provide catalysts reception from our suppliers, regardless of the market situation.

We build cooperation with you on terms that give you
many advantages:

Professional maintenance of existing customers (score labeling; ceramic grinding in any quantity; spectral analysis of the precious metal content)

You are always in good faith to help
and accurately estimate material
on current prices

To pay for goods in cash or by bank transfer (to choose our client)

Regular customers always provide assessment (catalyst price labeling) and consultation by phone

Always your disposal telephone information line +34 952 484 707, which runs 5 days a week from 9:00 to 19:00. It is always possible to negotiate about the arrival of our experts, the book price and get information about prices and terms of cooperation.

We invite you to cooperate:

  • Workers and owners of service stations;
  • Buyers of scrap metal;
  • Buyers catalysts;
  • Owners of car dumps and car owners