Palladium 1389,53 USD

Platinum 914,20 USD


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Purchase and disposal of industrial waste and catalytic materials containing precious metals.

Our specialization: autocatalysts, gas purification catalysts, chemical industry and petrochemical catalysts.

Also all other recyclable industry waste containing precious metals

The MALACAT group is an active participant in the worldwide recycling of metals from the platinum group and gold.

The company is represented by regional collection centers in Western Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and South Africa.

The Malacat Group has all the necessary licenses for the purchase and transport of hazardous waste (160801, 160804, etc.).

15 years


For more than 15 years Malacat is the leader in the European market, offering its partners and customers with the best solutions, price and service for processing or purchase of recyclable materials and the re-circulation of materials.


The main specialization is the Malacat recovery of precious metals from industrial wastes and secondary are materials, in particular catalysts.

Implementation of this activity requires compliance with strict production quality standards. The certificate is approved by Waste Management, which guarantees our professionalism.

  • Ceramic catalysts

    The ceramic in the catalyst (monolith) that is built up with thin channels (honeycomb structure) is coated with PGMs such as platinum, palladium and rhodium, which provide the catalytic effect to the exhaust gases.

  • Сatalysts on metal base foil

    Metals from the platinum group are located on a metal support consisting of a thin, corrugated, tightly wound metal foil. The processing of these products is very complicated and expensive. Through our partnerships, the Malacat Group has access to the best technological processing solutions that guarantee the best results.

  • Particulate fliter

    Soot filters reduce the amount of soot particles that are present in the exhaust gases of diesel engines. The porous walls of the filter may also contain precious metals.

  • Industrial catalysts

    Malacat is your specialist for the recycling of all types of industrial catalysts. Industrial catalysts are used in various areas of chemical production and refining processes. Precious metals can be pplied or impregnated on different carriers in different shapes and sizes.

  • Lambda probes

    The oxygen sensor is a sensor that measures the oxygen content in the exhaust gas flow and thus regulates the engine control and the right mixture of fuel and air. The oxygen sensor can also contain metals from the platinum group.

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